Well not really wild. But Wit...yes. Actually Wittnauer. Wittnauer was a very prestigious American company who made timekeeping and navigational equipment. Now thanks to my downsizing efforts and the magic of the internet, you have a chance to own one of their fine watches. This is an accurate 17 jewel Swiss movement, and it runs very quietly. A few things you need to know about this art deco watch: It isn't large. Actually it is about the size of a common postage stamp if you overlook the strap lugs. A bit less wide than a stamp, truthfully. The dial (which is ok but could stand to be re-done if a person wanted to make the watch look more pristine) is a two-tone design with a tiny subsecond hand tucked in at the bottom. The crystal (which is clear) is a thick glass arch tapering at the upper and lower sides. The color of the watch case is 10k gold, and it does need a watch band. It shows wear, but it is what I'd call average to less than average wear given the age (~70 years old). Due to the size of this watch, it is in my opinion more suited to wear while dining, dancing or at times when you don't want an overpowering wristwatch or one that might hinder the movement of your left hand...basically when you want a watch but don't want it to constantly remind you and your wife/girlfriend/client/etc of its presence. $40 plus the actual cost of postage... so, for the price of a couple of pizzas, beers and a tip you can come across as being just as sophisticated as Cary Grant.

PayPal ok for international buyers. Check, cash or money order for folks in the USA.

If questions, please let me know.