Good morning;

It's true. Old threads never die.

I was surprised to see Craig Swensson's recommendation for the Minolta SR-7 with the ROKKOR 50mm/f:1.4 lens. I would have suggested the original big lens for the SR-7; the AUTO ROKKOR-PF 58mm f:1.4. The MC ROKKOR-PF 58mm f:1.4 will also work well. And, yes, I do agree that the original SR-7 should be kept in its case, as is suggested (without explanation) in the owner's manual. When kept in the dark, the built-in light meter battery lasts a very long time. But if you get any of the models with the Light Meter ON-OFF or ON-OFF-BC rotary switch on the bottom (the SR-7a, SR-7b, the SR-7v, or the SR-7s), that is not a problem. Unless you forget to turn it back off.

But he did say that he had purchased a Nikon F2A, as many had suggested. In any case, with a CLA, any of them will continue on for many years. And it does look like we will also have 35mm film to feed them.