In 6 months, Kodak Film prices nearly doubled in Istanbul. I just bought a Minox EC from UK and I am going to cut the cost of film. I have a big feel about Minox cameras and their shots are ultra quality.

Now I have questions ,

Is there a 35mm film slitting apparatus for these cameras ?
How many frames I can shot with them.
How many rolls of miniature film I can slit from one roll of 35mm film ?
Is there developing tanks special to that format ? What is their specific name ?
How about their cells ? Are they easy to find ?
Is camera is forgiving for slitted film ?
Do I need to find empty cartridges to fill it with film or is camera comes with special cartridges ?
How its lens compared with Minox B Lens ?
Who designed and produced the EC lens , is there a lens diagram and test ?

Thank you,