obviously I don't know how these messages work, but here are your questions and answers and some unsolicited advice.

c. trentelman, former editor, Minox Historical Society.

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In 6 months, Kodak Film prices nearly doubled in Istanbul. I just bought a Minox EC from UK and I am going to cut the cost of film. I have a big feel about Minox cameras and their shots are ultra quality.

Now I have questions ,

Is there a 35mm film slitting apparatus for these cameras ?

-- yes, but all home-made. There are two varieties -- one you pull the film through, one you lay the film out on flat and slit with a sliding block. Both work well.
How many frames I can shot with them.
-- Monix EC cameras were made to shoot 36 exposures you can get 4 rolls of minox out of one roll of 36-exp 35mm film.

Is there developing tanks special to that format ? What is their specific name ?

--minox made a developing tank, there are also nikkor reels that yu can use in a regular steel tank. It is also possible to take the film out of the cassette, tape the ends to a strip of 35mm film (emulsion side out) and develop it that way.

How about their cells ? Are they easy to find ? --
not sure what this question is asking. The EC is an automatic exposure camera. If the meter cell in it is dead, the camera is junk. Batteries are not hard to find if you buy an adaptor for modern batteries -- the original 6v silver cell is harder to find.

Is camera is forgiving for slitted film ?

They work fine with home-slit film.

Do I need to find empty cartridges to fill it with film or is camera comes with special cartridges ?

yes. Check eBay.

How its lens compared with Minox B Lens ?

Extremely sharp, better depth of field because it is smaller by a stop (5.6 rather than 3.5)

Who designed and produced the EC lens , is there a lens diagram and test ?

Minox makes the lens, dunno if there is a diagram or test around. It's a very sharp lens.

Having said all that -- my experiences with EC cameras were universally bad -- I had one that died and was impossible to repair despite several tries. I'm wary of them. The B is mechanical and with a faster lens, more usable. There are also lots of B models around so they're cheap.

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