Hey folks! Albeit late, I just wanted to thank everybody for their input. As some suggested, I kept my eyes peeled on the classified section here and got a great deal from a fellow APUG member a few weeks ago. Here's the new addition!

Photo May 23, 6 41 52 PM.jpg

I saved the box, haha.

Photo May 23, 6 46 47 PM.jpg

Three lenses, two 120 backs, one 6x7 back, a polaroid back, winder, body & WLF.

Photo May 28, 8 26 43 PM.jpg Photo May 30, 7 54 30 PM.jpg

^Pardon the iPhone photos. And a silly shot,

Photo May 31, 4 45 52 PM.jpg

It's an exciting time for me! I unearthed all my darkroom stuff from the garage. About 1/3rd of everything,

Photo May 08, 3 22 53 PM.jpg Photo May 08, 5 42 58 PM.jpg

So, thanks again and I'm hoping to contribute to the gallery soon enough!