Well I live where some of you would desire to be, Colorado. But I find I am leaning away from grand landscapes and towards the good within the chaos that covers most areas.

I am not sure why, but I think a lot of my reason is that so much has been done before and done better than I can seem to do. I can't say that I don't try the grand landscape when it presents itself but I am always actively searching for that small micro scenic within the urban or even wilderness areas. I guess my favorite thing is to find something beautiful within the junk and make it seem as though I am hundreds of miles from that trash pile next to it.

I recently made a trip from home to LA and made a point to stay away from all major highways and parks. Partly because I have already been there but also to see what else was out there to shoot and different ways to capture it. From what I have developed so far I was not as successful as I would have hoped but at least it is mine and not Adam's or Muench's.