I'm selling a beautiful Tessar 30cm f/4.5 lens in a great Betax #5 shutter on an original KMV board. The lens comes with both front and back caps. The glass is great with no problems whatsoever. The shutter fires well at all settings and gets progressively faster as it should, even on the in-between shutter speeds between 1/25 and 1/2. In that range the shutter has half-way positions. I'm not sure exactly what speeds they are intended to correlate to, but they each change the speed incrementally. The shutter stays open on B and remains open on T until pressed again. The speeds sound good, and if you are shooting this on 8x10 you will likely be shooting on B anyway so don't worry about it. The leaves are not sluggish, which is what would indicate the need for a trip to Carol. The flash sync works. The KMV board is chewed up a bit on the edges but is still fully functional and light-tight. Front cap is leather Rodenstock velvet-lined in blue, really nice. The rear cap is plastic slip-on, unbranded.

I'm asking $400 plus pp/shipping. The shutter and flange, in their condition, are likely near most of that cost. Add in the glass and the board all working happily together and I think that's a fair price.

Shipping will be $25 within Canada, $35 to the US. For the UK and Europe it will be $55 by uninsured/untracked air or $70 by insured/tracked air. For Australia/NZ/Asia it will be $60 by uninsured/untracked air or $75 by tracked/insured air.