I have two Rollei lenses, a Rollei lens shade, and a Rollei extension tube for sale. The items are for the Rollei 6000 series or Rollei Hy6 cameras. They also work perfectly on the Sinar Hy6 and Leaf AFi cameras.

Rollie PQ 40mm f 3.5 Schneider Super Angulon - $2300 USD
The lens includes the front and rear caps. It also includes the original Rollei lens box.
It is in outstanding condition.

Rollie PQ 150mm f4 Zeiss Sonnar - $650 USD
The lens includes the front and rear caps. It addition the price includes a lens box. I will also include a like new Rollei lens shade in the original box.
Please note: the box states it is an EL lens, it is not, it is a PQ lens with the Bay VI filter mount.
The lens is in outstanding condition.

Rollei ET-17, 17mm extension tube - $125
The extension tube is little used and in excellent condition.
The original Rollei box is included.

Original Rollei lens shade for the 40mm F4 Zeiss Distagon FLE. - $75. Note, this shade will not fit the 40mm Schneider lens listed above.
This lens has a little wear, it is in very good condition.

Prices do not included shipping. Lens photos can be found here: