I've taken Porta and Ektar to my Walgreen's and they came back fine. Not quite as nice as a pro shop (most likely because of how they are set up to print), but still noticeably better than the consumer films done in the same run.
However, premium films cost more, and are just as easy for the minilab to mess up if run poorly.

You really should evaluate the places available to you no matter what film you choose.
Perhaps buy a four-pack of the "cheaper" film and try a roll at different stores. When you find a place that does a decent job, you will be safe with the premium film. The consumer films are quite good, so don't rule them out just because they are not "professional." I use them most often.

My local Walgreen's is adequate to good, and I try to take my film there when a specific woman is working; she is more careful when calibrating the machine.
A Walgreen's in the city next door does a really poor job, once with streaks coming from the sprocket holes.
The last time I tried my local CVS, everything came back with a strong green tint.

Find a good place and you'll be fine.