I've recently been experimenting with black & white reversal (as part of an idea to eventually produce 10x8 pinhole reversals for lightbox display).

It's been a pleasant surprise to me how relatively straightforward the process has been, and have produced some decent results - although nailing down a process that consistently produces top-notch quality will probably be quite another matter.

I'll be putting this aside for a while now, but in the course of my experiments, I have inevitably ended up with a few pictures (on both 35mm and 6x6, particularly the latter) that I would like to print.

I have done a bit of research, and it seems the options are likely to be:

1. Print to direct positive paper - as I have a few sheets of Harman 5x4 DPP, I'll certainly try that to start, but am not enamoured of the gloss finish.

2. Rephotograph the positive on a lightbox, and print from the resulting negative. I'll give it a try, but I'm not hopeful about retaining sharpness and am wary of adding grain.

3. Produce a copy negative - either contacted or via enlarger - to ordinary negative film (or to one of the ortho copying films that are still available?) and print from that. I'd expect that it would be easier to use 5x4 sheets than faff about with roll film for this, but either way how would I begin to judge exposure times? (by trial and error I expect)

4. Print directly from the positive film and then reverse process the paper- which would be fun to try, but can wait until I'm a better printer.

5. Scan it.

So ... any hints, tips, different processes to suggest, or links to internet "how-tos" on this subject will be welcomed.