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no clue -- i was an officer in the Minox Historical Society for a coupla years, and at that time -- 5 or so years ago -- B models were a glut on the market, $50 if you were lucky. The black ones bring more. The newer models with electronic shutters bring more, but even those are relative deals.

So why are they suddenly desirable? No clue -- I wouldn't pay $200 for one in mint condition, and the meters are usually (a) dead and (b) impossible to repair at a reasonable cost point. The film is very expensive unless you cut and load your own.

And, let's be honest, they are a lot more work to get good prints from. I go on a minox binge once a year, frustrate myself for a coupla weeks, and then do some 35 and suddenly 35 feels like large format.
Like you, I was a follower of the Minox Historical Society about 10 years ago....I'd always been fascinated by Minox, and built up a modest collection of cameras and accessories at that time.

I think also that I liked the idea of a tiny kit to carry all the time, but, with compact 35mm point-and-shoot and the small digital cameras which appeared soon after, I succumbed to these as being much easier for casual and family snapshotting than the effort and time which is needed with Minox.

So, just like you, I enjoy the occasional Minox binge, then put the gear away again until I've forgotten how frustrating it can be and can muster up enough dedication for another try!