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Interested in a good price for a Beseler67, Durst m670 or 609, Omega c67... Need the 6x7 carrier also.
I have a less-than-perfect Beseler 67C that you can have if you pay the shipping. It's an XL column.

It has the condensers and an Aristo cold-light head, but lacks a power supply for the cold-light. So it is still usable with the original lamp at the moment.

I call it less-than-perfect because there is a bit of rust at the base of the column, and there is some smoke damage on the original light source front cover. This enlarger was not in the house when it burned, but all of the accessories were. The condensers and front cover plate are the only accessories that I could find that appeared to survive the fire. Carriers, lens boards, negatrans, power supply apparently all gone. Since then I've decided to go large format and have been looking for a good home for this. Have two other enlargers that I had acquired since the fire that don't fit my plan any longer. Those may show up here soon too.

So back to this one, I will clean it up before I ship it. It will take me a bit of time to figure out the most economical means to ship but am willing to give it the old college try.