For those of you who number prints in editions and declare a set number of artist proofs, is it possible to have one or more unsigned, matted portfolio prints that are not considered artist proofs? I was thinking of stamping the back of the mounts of one 8x10 copy of each final image with “Portfolio proof – not for sale”. This would leave me free to have a couple larger actual artist proofs for exhibition and for leaving to my family (whether they want them or not!) in the rare and happy instance that I actually sell out an edition.

Of course I want the best of both worlds: a limited edition with enough proofs to keep a few copies of in reserve! I was thinking 10 in an edition and 2 proofs, plus one permanent portfolio copy not to be sold. Or is it more proper to say that's 3 proofs?

The subject of editioning is controversial and not one I’m settled on, or want to get into here. But for anyone interested, I’ve found these informative articles. (near the bottom of the web page: An introduction to the editioning of photographs