I know this problem, before joining APUG, I had scanned and inkjet printed a shot taken on reversal processed black and white (horrors!). A shot of our old cabin interior looking out the living room window over the couch (irreplaceable shot). Now that print has faded (I used archival ink and matt paper - but it was found to be susceptible to ozone) and I want to replace it with a Silver Gelatin print.

I want to use my stock paper, Galerie. And I want to use my stock film, TMY-2

My plan will be to "enlarge" the 35mm transparency to a sheet of 4x5 film. Using the setup described in the thread Enlarger ----> Sensitometer

I will include a step-wedge in the margin - to reduce the number of "trial and error" cycles.

Then I will have a negative to print on my usual paper.

By using 4x5 film instead of a smaller format, I maintain quality without adding a "generation" of 35mm grain to the image.