Check on Youtube for videos on reloading too. From what I've read, you may not want to advance the film all the way after the last shot.
That way it is easier to get the film out in a changing bag/darkroom before attempting to open the cassette. You want to be able to see the cassette when you try to open it.

I don't know your camera, so am not sure if the indexing pin will be an issue, or if you have a window in the back (making backing paper something to be concerned with). I've reloaded 126 so far, but not gotten around to the 110, so my knowledge is only in theory. With the 126, lining up the indexing holes on the backing paper with the ones in the film was difficult when testing in the light, so I did not use backing paper, choosing instead to glue a piece of backing paper on the inside of the cassette so it covers the window of the cassette.

Here is some info on 126 that may translate:

Sorry, too much info for a WTB post

You mention paypal, so I'm guessing you may use ebay. Here is a sale, but being ebay I'd expect it to be unusable and try it anyway (being pleasantly surprised if it was fine). Then I'd reuse the cassettes.
It comes to nearly $1.80 per cartridge. Since I have what I need, I typically hold out for something less than $1 per unit.

This thread is still new, so maybe it will get a bit more attention before nightfall. I imagine most U.S. members were at work all day.