Zounds ... I just checked. I have one (1) 20 exposure cartridge of "Super Anscochrome Tungsten Type". The only other printing on the cartridge is "Open Only In Total Darkness". Nothing about speed.
Hah!! It took a little digging - but in "The Encyclopedia of Photography", Volume 5, page 772, there is an entry for 1957 - "Super Anscochrome - ASA 100". Doesn't say a *thing* about "Tungsten Type".

I have, on this desk, an "Ansco Color Developing Outfit - For Anscochrome Film", complete with instructions. Talk about memories ... commandeering the kitchen sink for use as a tempering bath to keep everything at 68F...
This must date back to the early '60's.

The processing starts: "1. First developer. 16 1/2 minutes at 68F ...", and continues for a total of 17 steps, including the reversal exposure.

The whole process took *hours* and gallons and gallons of water.
Eveery once in a while, I am tempted - one cartridge of Anscochrome - and one Developing Kit ... But no, I'll keep them as mementos of better (?) - earlier days.