well, editioning is weird sort, back when, . . . When lithography and etching plates ruled the day, prints would be signed and number. It was in large part because the stone or plate would eventually wear out. The print would not look so good after a few hundred or so. Now in the twentieth century with siver gelatin prints and negs. as long as you keep your neg in good shape, you can print forever and ever and ever and ever, AND more ever's than you can imagine. Now with digital you do not even have to print, just send e-mails of your image to everybody!!!! FOR FREE, now that's convenience!!! and what a great price huh!!! good deals for everyone, easy on the environment.

all jokes aside, artist proofs are not considered an edition, or part of the edition. You should also have the strike plate, in the edition as well. That is the print that has the HUGE scratch of an "X" in the negative and print that. literally destroying the neg. I mean, you can not have an opened edition????? can you ? so as example, having 10, 20, 100, 1000000, or whatever number, then a strike plate, and then in the paper work you should memtion how many artist's proofs you printed as well, by the way artists proofs in my opinion should be done a little differently, because "WE" are so God Damned tempermental".