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Are you using 11X14 film or something smaller and then enlarging to 11X14? If you are using 11X14 film and grain is a worry you must be making very large prints. If you are using a small format like 35mm then just go up to 6X7 and you can make grainless 11X14s with any number of develoopers.
Not worried about grain, just interested in photochemistry. I photograph with formats up to 11x14 and have all the methods in place for my serious photography. I like to dabble with developers for fun and sometimes while dabbling, I bring a new tool into my arsenal. I'll make this and when it comes up in conversation, I'll know all about it!! My original question was about the tiny amount of sulfuric acid at the exact place its added to the mix, a little odd compared to most recipes..Thanks, Evan Clarke