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I used red LEDs from superbright to make my DIY safelight, but keep in mind while 635nm might be the peak output these are not typically "sharp cutting" so there is typically an emission band around the stated wavelength. Paper sensitivities might not cut off sharply either, and may extend to higher wavelengths than expected. So a good test of safe time is necessary with any light source.
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Let's see some prints of shiny chrome objects ... Let's see what that does to a picture of shiny objects!
I've been participating in these discussions for years, now. I just ordered two of the referenced bulbs and I intend to test them outright (using proper procedures) as well as comparing them to my "safe-tested" conventional safelights. I am convinced that LEDs are the future of general lighting. However, I am YET to be convinced that unfiltered light of any technology is automatically safe based on color - especially at the brightness levels that some have claimed. (NOT referring to the OP. This comes up about once a month.) There are a lot of variables.

I could be wrong!