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David - If you owned a nice lens and then in the course of its life sent it for repair to an authorized/reputable repair person (Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Leica, KEH, Precision, Jane Doe, etc...), then if you sold the lens, would you provide the buyer with that information (eg what was repaired, when, by whom, even a receipt of such maintence, etc.)?
Good question, and I was about to suggest that this should have been part of the original post/question, as I believe it relates to what I perceive as the intent of the OP. I do not wish to presume David's intents, but if I am correct, this would soften the distinction being attempted.

Things seemed to have gotten a bit out of hand, as they tend to do online. One must read carefully due to the absence of inflection and other non-verbal ques.
I'd reread the first number of posts a bit ago and it did remind me of conversations I'd had years ago, while drinking tea late at nite in my college dorm room. I miss those conversations, but they don't seem to work so well online.

Of course, I could be totally wrong.