True John....what does it really matter? Only to a few I suppose. There are only hundreds of thousands of people out there making good photographs and editions of one are one too many for most of us, most of the time!

I've read quite a few long threads and articles on the subject and as you know most people fall on the side of not editioning. That said, it seems there's little to lose by doing so, and one would be prepared if he/she ended up talking to a gallery someday about a couple good images that had some prior sales. Seems like 10 is plenty enough for an amateur and more than I feel like making of an image before moving to new material. If I ever were to sell 10 and retire a picture, fine. I'd have some giclee posters made thereafter! If the 11th person who liked my work wants one, I have plenty of others and hopefully they're better than the older ones anyway! If I were ever to sell, say 8, then I might be able raise the price on the last two a bit and actually recoup for once some of what it cost to make the thing. I see nothing wrong with that....we all hope to earn as much as possible for our efforts or goods, whether it's seeking a higher salary at work or selling something in a garage sale. But I should shut up because this topic has been covered to death already and I vacillate between the different points of view anyway!

I was simply wondering how "editioners" handle their final portfolio proofs, which could be several. I do believe stating the number of proofs is customary in editioning :-)

One thing we all have in common and can be proud of is that we hand make our photographs, often with great difficulty. As that becomes more rare, I think our stuff will increasingly stand out as being more personal and "limited" on its own merits!