I had hoped to be able to keep this camera, however that just isn't in the plan, so here's everything Miranda I have:

1. Miranda Sensorex in very good condition. Shows some strap wear at the lugs, two or three small paint chips on the film door, bottom plate is excellent, meter works fine, focus screen is clear (and is the preferred split dot type), frame counter works fine, shutter speeds still sound great to me, cocking is smooth after you've gone through the first stroke after the cocking lever is unlocked (which has an odd little bump as you first move it, but is typical with nearly all Miranda models I've seen) the shutter is smooth and quiet, lens (50mm/1.8) is in great shape with a snappy aperture and smooth focus action. The carry case shows normal wear but still does its job just fine. Prism is the proper one for the camera and is not dented (as most of these were).
2. With the camera you also get 2 extra 50mm / 1.9 lenses (a great and sharp lens). One has damage to the filter ring and shows more wear. Focus is a bit wonky but glass is good and aperture is snappy. The other is in very good shape, smooth focus, fine glass and aperture is crisp and snappy. With this one you also get the Miranda lens hood.
3. Miranda 135mm / 3.5 lens with hood, carrying case and both caps. Very good glass, very smooth focus and snappy aperture.
4. Miranda 28mm / 2.8 lens with both caps. Focus is a bit tight, but this lens didn't get as much use as the 50mm/1.8 or 1.9. The glass is good, but has lost some of the black edge coating on one internal element. It was that way when I got it, and at first I worried about this but it never seemed to affect the pictures at all, so I adopted a live and let live attitude toward it. The Miranda hood will fit this lens or the 1.8 also and I used the hood with the 28mm lens nearly always. Snappy aperture.
5. Soligor doubler in the case and with the data. What can I say? A decent lens doubler with good glass that is designed to work especially with the meter connector and makes the 50mm into a good portrait lens. In its leather case.
6. What else? Well, I'll include a Miranda price list from 1965. This camera wasn't available then, but you can see Miranda gear definitely was not cheap.

That's about it, folks. This is a fine camera. If you've never used a Miranda Sensorex, I think you'll quickly grow to like it. One thing that is different is the shutter release button is on the front of the camera. Is this a big thing? It prevents camera shake and feels like a natural place for a shutter release button to be. There's a window with a red popup to let you know your camera is cocked. The frame count window is clear and easy to see. The meter switch is conveniently placed on the rewind side and the metering is lollipop and stick type (which I find quick and accurate), batteries last a long time (as they only power the meter which can be turned off). The meter correction for different lenses is on the left front and simple to use. All in all a camera which will take excellent pictures. It may surprise you.

$80 plus the cost of postage gets you this fine camera, 5 lenses, a doubler and any misc Miranda stuff I have here. I'll send it anywhere. PayPal ok for international buyers, but check/cash/money order inside the USA please.

If questions, please ask.