I saw ( and participated in ) the same original thread and ordered two of these. They arrived a few days ago. Less than $4 each and the shipping was very reasonable. I have one installed now and used it yesterday. It is mounted about 5 feet above my chemistry and enlarger baseboard in a fixture that has a reflective hood, aimed up at the ceiling. It provides enough light so that I can see what I'm doing. It passed the "coin test" ( yes I know, but if it fails this then there's no point at all, right? ) 10 minutes for: Ilford MGIV, WT MGIV, Adorama VC and Arista.edu VC.

I made two prints using Adorama VC. The prints have bright white highlights, just off paper white. The first print I made with the light on the entire time. The second print was made with the paper covered with black card while the safelight was on, and I kept it shielded during processing. So this is not quite as rigorous as what Bill suggested, but I can see no difference whatsoever.

( However, in the past, it's been the Arista.edu paper that I had problems with... and I haven't done anything except coin test with that so far... I'm hoping it will work. )

Anyhow, that's my 2 cents after using it for only 1 DR session. The real test is going to be the Arista.edu 11x14 because the way I process it requires quite a bit of time and I need to be able to see what I'm doing. In the past, I made a safe safelight for it by having the only light in the room go through R25 filter. The color of the light from this new led bulb seems very similar to that color to my eyes.

When the bulb comes, don't be surprised that the bulb part is made from white frosted glass. The red LEDs are inside and you can't really see them.