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Slide lectures don't crash. PowerPoint presentations do.
Now I'm remembering a specific maths lecturer from Uni, he'd write everything all over 3 huge chalkboards, when he got to the end (about 3-4 times in a lecture), he'd rub the whole lot out with the sleeve of his jumper and write over the top. He'd also have an overhead-projector with only a few transparent pages, he'd write on them with white-board marker and rub them out and re-use them too. Problem was, all the chalk-dust from his sleeves would fall all over the transarencies as he wrote. He couldn't see the specks looking at the transparency itself, but they combined with the rub-out smudges to form a black haze over the projected screen which we could barely read.
A few years later my Uni implemented a "lecture slides me be placed online after each lecture, preferably before" policy, in conjunction with making a Podcast of each (mainly it was intended to help the disabled who couldn't attend or take notes fast enough, but it mostly benefited the lazy like me).
I wondered what would happen to that lecturer being forced to use PowerPoint. Something tells me he'd find a way to smudge that and make it all unintelligible too...