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Thanks everybody. The advice of carrying a 3200 iso in order to to get a hand inspection is ok. But what if the security does not grant the hand inspection and i'll have my rolls xrayed ? Are the xrays at Ben Gurion so harsh to fog films ? (50 to 400 iso).
Ben Gurion airport has the weaker (typical hand carry) and stronger (typical luggage) X-ray machines for boarding passenger. Who get to use which one? It might be random, but I'm pretty sure it's profiling... If you have a lead-lined film bag, the weaker X-ray will not fog the film; but the stronger X-ray still will.

Security (I'm speaking specifically about Ben Gurion airport) will put your baggage and hand-carry items through whichever X-ray line you are placed in. There may be some slight- to no-fogging (depends how anal you are about your densitometer measurements) for your 400 speed films in the weaker X-ray. For the stronger X-ray, there will definitely be some noticeable fogging. You can take the chance there's certainly a lot of weaker X-rays, and there is only one strong one.

But if you would rather not risk it:
If you have ISO 1000 or faster; then, Ben Gurion security will grant you a hand inspection (which is why I suggest carrying some sacrificial ISO 3200 film), no matter which X-ray machines you happen to be placed in.