In Nova Scotia, head south down the coast to Lunenburg, on the way stopping and wandering around Mahone bay and Blue Rocks. Go on past Rose Bay to Kingsburg. Nice day trip and some great local color. Kingsburg was a settlement of German fishermen- 100 families in all. It was still pretty much intact when I last visited a few years ago... don't know, though–even in NS things change. Still, the coast is lovely around there. In general, stay off the highways–there is, by law, nothing on them and you get the feeling you are driving through one vast Christmas tree farm. The side roads are great along the coast, all the way around. The interior, for reasons unknown to this visitor, is still largely unpopulated. I have never been to the eastern end, the famed highlands of the Cabot Peninsula, but I have every reason to believe you wouldn't go wrong heading that way either. If you want fog, amazing tidal changes and gritty fishing towns, try the Bay of Fundy coast, north of the long ridge I believe they call North Mountain. Annapolis Royal is nice at the western end and Cape Blomidon can be pretty spectacular at the other end. Remember, though, they are serious about the tide warnings- two cubic miles of water passes through the straights off Cape Blomidon every 6 hours, and it moves fast!