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The only thing that matters is a great image. Everything else is noise. Non-photographers really don't care. They either connect with an image or they don't.

In other words, I agree with Thomas.

I appreciate Drew's opinions quite a bit, although he either is full of it when it comes to printing (doubt it) or he has one of the worst websites ever. I think it is the latter. I would love to see the work in the right way. His website doesn't do much for his credibility though.

From a technical perspective, if you are going to make large prints you should be worried about the sharpness of the grain and not how fine it is. Mushy grain looks pretty bad with large prints. Large sharp grain can look pretty good no matter how large the print is.
I like you simply because you sound like me haha, I haven't seen Drews website but if its bad I would have totally said that hahaha. My website is pretty horrible too, keep meaning to get on that...

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