Hi all ,

Thanks for all inputs, appreciate all opinions.
Polyglot > I'm quite familiar with film scanner and how to get good scan out from it. Its true that most of film scan will not look good strait out from raw scan, low contrast from raw scan means I can get more detail out from the file. I need to adjust from vuescan software to get it right.
I checked my digital thermometer just now, which I used it for check the temperature of C41 chemical. compare with an Omron medical thermometer, I found that my old digital thermometer shows 1.7 degree celsius higher than Omron. Thats means I develop my film 3.30 minutes in 36.2 degree, and blix 6.30 minutes in 36.2 degree celsius too.
I think my film must be a little bit off already ?
I will shoot another roll this Sunday and try to develop again and see if it will be more easier to scan.

Thank you.