I use an ATN-Viper in the darkroom to develop sheet film, so much fun I hardly want to develop roll film anymore because I don't get to watch it.

I did a sensitometrically-based fog test with TMY-2 and found the stock light would fog the film in 15 minutes so I "attenuated" it with a couple pieces of gray TMY-2 (cutout from the dirt background of a bad rodeo picture). E-6 is transparent to infrared, so black color slides can't be used for the purpose.

I don't find any trouble with the green light leaking around my eyepiece, it's well-designed.

But, I suppose I should do a real safelight test like I've been preaching with motorcycle engines and covering half the sheet of film. At least with a negative / positive process, fog on the film isn't as destructive to the final image as it is for prints.

I imagine the Eyeclops would work "fine" but the issue I would have with it is all the batteries.