Hi marciofs,

I put the text from link in Google translate and I was able to get most of it. You can additionally print German and translated version of Wikipedia article and analyze it with you colleagues at university. I know that here in Germany they are more sensitive to privacy than in other countries (just look on Google maps - so many blurred places, more than in any other country).

little of topic:
About not speaking German - this is problem that you should work on it: I am not German, I lived as ex-pat (and still do) in many countries and I have find out that in Germany this is a problem. I expected that in Germany everybody will speak some English (at least younger generation). In telecom shop where you buy sim card, in center of Hamburg - I got "no English", on some big multinational company helpdesks when I asked "do you speak english" - they were hanging up to me...not to mention some local shops. My German is not on zero level, so I was able to manage somehow on German. But this is a problem. You can get 600 hours of German lessons for price of 1 hour =1 euro, supported by government, make some inquiries about it if you did not already.