I just bought this from Ed Bray in the UK...and out the door it goes with the rest of my 8x10 stuff. This is a great lens to complement the Kodak Master I have listed separately as that camera can happily handle lenses as wide (and much wider) than this one.

The glass is in outstanding shape. The shutter is great - it is slightly slow, but with extreme repeatability. So much so that Ed timed the actual speeds and labeled the board with them - see the photos. I added 43mm clip-in lens caps and a 43mm screw-in wide-angle metal lens shade. This is a fantastic and SHARP lens - see attached two photos (sadly not taken my me...they are poached from this blog: http://wildkamloops.blogspot.ca/2008_03_01_archive.html) showing what this lens is capable of.

As shown clearly in the attached photos (poached from Ed's recent posting of this lens) one of the shutter blades is discolored. Not sure why but it has no impact on performance.

I will add my own photos later today showing the caps and shade.

I am very sorry to not be able to use this lens after finding it, but I know someone out there wants this lens. The diaphragm opens well beyond 12.5 for focusing, but anything shot faster than 12.5 will become...interesting...which can be fun too! But at 12.5 and smaller it is a sharp lens. This version is uncoated, so don't shoot directly into the sun. In addition to the lens shade that will come with this, there is a new universal lens shade by Tilley Endurables here in Canada - it is sized for the user, not the lens...it conveniently "clips on" to the photographer so it goes everywhere they go...it is indestructible and guaranteed for life, and it is equally useful for P&S, SLR, MF, LF, and ULF. Here is the link: http://www.tilley.com/The-T4MO-Organic-AIRFLO-Hat.aspx

Just looking to recoup what I paid. Asking $325 including pp/shipping within North America. For shipping to other international destinations please send me a request. Otherwise I will try to get international shipping prices posted later today. Thanks!!