Thanks Bob. Your method is exactly what I have been thinking but am now reconsidering. Whether it's 8x10, 20x24, standard developed 10 years ago or lith developed yesterday, the edition is for that image. This is what I'm running into with a normally printed image I printed 25 years ago and sold several copies of. Don't know how many...maybe 3 or 4. Now I'm lith printing it with a totally different look and range of tones. If I were to edition I'd have to guess at how many I previously sold. Some would say it could just be a new edition. I think it's interesting that various prints in an edition could be way different from others, reflecting the photographer's evolution.

Can I ask why you are limiting to 10, and what you think about the argument for keeping it open and available for that 11th print? I agree with you but am curious about your thoughts. I really don't buy or appreciate the allegation by some that creating "artificial scarcity" to pressure the price up, if you're able, is a bad thing. Artists rarely cover a fraction of their costs and to try to get a respectful price for hard work is a normal goal.

What I had been thinking is that, if a buyer likes/values that a print is only one of 10 GSP's out there, and they believed in my work enough to buy it, then I'm thankful and would be happy to provide them with that guarantee. And it would save me having to print the damn thing too many times! I want to drive towards NEW stuff!

Well....time to pop open a cold one and actually print. Enough philosophy!