David - If you are going to propose a theoretical question don't make it personal. What you have done is personally tied your theoretical question to you in the same breath. What you have then done by doing this is made anyone who disagrees with you "impeached" for saying you are X.

I refuse to judge you based on your feelings to the orig matter.

Again, as with the 35mm Film Is So Wasteful thread, you chose to propose paradoxical or statements that entrap the responder, I once said that you suggest statements of Rhetorical Tautology:

A rhetorical tautology is defined as a series of statements that form an argument, whereby the statements are constructed in such a way that the truth of the proposition is guaranteed or that, by defining a dissimilar or synonymous term in terms of another self-referentially, the truth of the proposition or explanation cannot be disputed. Consequently, the statement conveys no useful information regardless of its length or complexity making it unfalsifiable.

I am not sure if that is what is going on here but refuse to get ensnared and chose to ascert my 5th Ammendment Right