I received the Graphic View (original) today and it is not as nice as I had hoped. Looks to me like the bellows and ground glass need replaced. The lens (7 1/2" f4.5 paragon anastigmat)looks real clean, but the shutter (Ilex No.3 Acme) sounds like it only has a few speeds. Anything below 1/50 sounds the same or doesn't work. B and T aren't too swift either.

Is there any way to clean/lubricate the shutter mechanism? The only screws I see are the ones on the front of the lens that appear to hold the nameplate in place.

Also, where is the best place to get a new bellows? The one on the camera has several patched spots and just looks like a mess.

Probably going to wish I bought the much cleaner model that I saw in Amish Country a couple of weeks ago...

Thanks in advance for any info.