Personally, I'm more concerned about how it's been stored than what the date says.
My few local stores around that still sell film all have them in a fridge, some have all their stock in that fridge from the date that it come in, some have a fridge or freezer out the back.
I was in Singapore last week, where the average temp is 24-31C (75-88F) year-round, and the coldest ever on record is 19.4C. I ran out of 100B+W film and went to find some. A few shops around Peninsula Plaza had some, mostly only Slide films and one had Neopan400. They were all just sitting on a shelf. Eventually I found some Delta100Pro, also sitting on a shelf (they did have a fridge there, but it was dedicated to 100' rolls and 4x5").

Frankly, I'd rather trust my local shops, where I know it's been sitting in a fridge all its life (besides a bit of transport), I'd have no qualms about buying it near- or even over-date from them.
Those shops in Singapore, however, the date may be a few months or even a year in the future, but I'd be more concerned about buying from them (especially the Silde films).