I finally got my cards out today. I sent out the international cards with insufficient postage, so I sent a second card to each with correct postage; some of you may get both cards. My fault for not paying attention (am getting old). Anyhow many thanks for all of your cards; here are some comments on the cards I have received. To those missing from this list I know that most of you have sent your cards, but unfortunately they did not reach me.

ChristopherCoy "Beignets for Breakfast"

This is a nice abstract print, with a hint of warm tone, an action shot with a severely cropped face (nose and mouth only (with a smile?)

MattKing "At The End of The Dock"

Well done-I really like reflections of trees in water. The tack sharp dock is nice for contrast, and the water is mysterious.

bluejeh2 "Angel at Westminster Abbey Mission, B. C."

Good closely cropped image of sculpture. I like the slight asymmetry and the grating- like square shapes in the upper corners.

bluejeh "Through the Window"

Nice abstraction- each window pane is different-the regularity of the stone wall helps the composition- reminds me of "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".


HAHA very funny! I like this sort of snapshot. The users of the electric power at the end of this transmission line should prepare for an imminent outage.

haslguitar "Welcome Home Mr. Contrast"

Nice spooky picture of an otherwise benign bird behavior. I think this might be neat if enlarged to 16x20 or even bigger.

Jim17x "A Couple Ducks"

Great tonality and fine grain. I like the overhanging branches.

GeorgeNovaScotia "Shadows on Snow"

Nice subtle treatment of the contrast. I like how the lines get more complicated on the right.

trsvax "Rock'n in Austin"

The stump is a nice idea; the lighter rocks in the foreground are interesting.

delphine "Rainy Day"

Great abstract print, I like the small size.

Ozphoto "Drew"

Well done portrait and interesting story.

rince "Fleeting Moment"

Locks and chains are great symbols that appeal to me. I like how the blurred background grayness seems to be grabbing at the lock from below.

Oxleyroad "Termite Mounds"

Nice gritty feel to this print. I like the blue-black tone.

megzdad81 "Streamside Detail 4"

I like this print-I am fond of water and rocks and streams. Keep working on the "glow"- try as many different combinations of paper/developer as you can afford.

Mike Wilde 3 images printed on old paper

All of these are nicely printed. The Veteran's Memorial is somber, the Capitol has nice tonality, and Avra is humorous. I like using up old paper and film and am often surprised by the results.