Pricing on these cameras is all over the place but you should be able to get a decent camera for around $100. $250 might get a Sinar.

Self promotion, can't help it, I'm compulsive. Or is it repulsive?
I've got a 4X5 Orbit view in excellent shape, bellows, ground glass, one lens board, focusing cloth, tripod block and 22" rail. It also has a revolving back(360degrees) not a rotating back(90degrees)

I've had it on the site a couple of times at $100.00 including shipping. that's without the case. case is plywood with a vinyl covering, reinforced corners and only weighs about 600lbs. The cost of shipping the case I think would be a slug of $$$$ but is good for storage.

You should be able to pick up a lens for $100 or less but any of them may be in the same shape as the Paragon. The sticking B&T and no slow speeds is indicative of old lubricants and a CLA will cure it. As Shutterfinger mentioned, about $70 to fix it.
Someplace like KEH or Midwest sell with a warrantee. There are also deals to be found here and on the large format forum.