I bought a very nice Mamiya C3 from a fellow APUGer last week, who very honestly had described a problem with the shutter on the 80mm lens that came with it. I got a good price and 2 other lenses, and am very happy with the kit.

But of course, now I am wondering how hard it would be to strip the 80mm lens down to examine what might be wrong with the shutter. Taking the lens elements off is easy - but all that exposes is the shutter leaves. I don't know how to strip down further to the shutter mechanism.

Basically, no matter what setting it is turned to, it fires at about 1/60 sec. So it works, but won't change speeds.

The lens has "Seikosha S" on it, which I assume describes the shutter. Any tips on how to strip this thing down would be most welcome.