As part of my 8x10 purge I am selling five unopened boxes of 8x10 film. They were all purchased from B&H and have been frozen since receipt. Prices and details are below

EKTAR 100, 10-sheet boxes
- 2 boxes dated for June 2014, $100 each plus shipping
- 1 box dated for August 2013, $75 plus shipping

FP4+, 25-sheet boxes
- 2 boxes, both dated for October 2015, $75 each plus shipping

Shipping: The Ektar can go as over-sized letter mail, so they will be $5 each within Canada, $7.50 each to the US, and $15 each elsewhere in the world. The FP4+ is heavier (as they have 25 sheets and not 10) so they have to go as parcels. So in Canada that means $15 for either one or both together. To the US this means $15 for one or $25 for both together. To UK/Europe it would be $35 for one or $45 for both together, by air service. And to Australia/NZ/Asia it would be $40 for one or $50 for both together, again by air service.