First, a gentle chuckle. "I do hope my question is too ridiculous." makes me smile. I think you probably meant "I do hope my question is not too ridiculous."

Your question is actually not ridiculous at all.

I don't own a hassie 50mm FLE, but I do own a couple of Mamiya RB67 lenses with floating elements that require manual adjustments. I have two approaches to using the floating adjustment.

If I have the time, I follow the recommendation in the manual. I focus using the focus ring first, read the distance off the distance scale, adjust the floating element to that distance, and then check the focus again using the focus ring.

If I am pressed for time, I estimate the distance, set the floating element, and then focus using the focus ring.

On the Mamiya, the floating element is most effective at ensuring flat field performance - it is rare that you can see its effect in the viewfinder, except in the corners.