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Right now, four. Two black F2AS bodies, a black F FTn, and a chrome Nikomat FTn. The most I've owned, all at once, would've been 13, back in January 2006. Had a chrome early F with waistlevel, two black F2A's, an F3HP, F3P, F4s, two Nikkormat FT2's, two FM's, two FM2n's, and a black Nikomat FTn that was used as a donor for one of the FT2's.

Over the years, I've owned around 155 Nikon bodies, starting out with a chrome Nikomat FTn that my dad gave me for doing chores around the house. The explosion of Nikon bodies didn't occur until January 2005, when prices of film gear plummeted.

Only four... Geez...

Let's start this over again...

At this moment:

F in black with F-36 drive
F2AS with MD-2/MB1 in black
F2AS in black (no motor drive - and, no, not the same one mentioned in the quoted part)
F3HP with MD-4
FM2n in chrome
D200 (rut roh)
Nikomat FTn chrome
Nikomat FT2 black


18-70 DX kit lens for the rut roh camera
28/3.5 H
35/2 O
50/1.8 AF
50/1.8 AIS
50/1.4 AI
50/1.4 S
85/1.8 K
135/3.5 Q
200/4 Q

All the pre-AI glass have factory AI rings on them.