Thank you for all the replies. This was only my second thread and judging from the results there does seem to be some controversy surrounding "short dated" film. At least I feel justified in starting this thread.

I really do appreciate the enthusiasm in addressing my query. I can't respond to all the replies but I will address a few general points that seemed to come up multiple times.

First let me clarify my position as far as the film I have already received. It is slow/medium speed B&W film and it was one five roll pro pack which I will freeze. I will most likely use most of it within five months and freezing it will ensure it is fresh even beyond the five months. The only reason I started this thread is because it was the first time in my life anyone sent me film five months from expiration without indicating it was "short dated" and discounting it prior to sale. That's why I asked about whether this was an issue and about ethics.

The reason I started the thread is in life I find often when you have an issue with a person, company, etc there is usually a warning sign you ignored. While receiving a pro pack of Tmax 100 five months from expiration is far from a disaster I don't know if it portends bad things from that retailer. That is what prompted my query. I didn't know if this was a warning sign of potentially more significant bad customer service or just my own neurosis.

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The book store at my college is selling bulk rolls of HP5+ that expired in March 2013, I started buying it in Feb, when the price dropped to $25 a roll, bought a roll a week and its all in the freezer. I have several hundred feet and I doubt there will be any change. I also bought 30 rolls of Provia from a local place that was due to expire in 3 days for $1.50 for a 36exp roll, its also in the freezer. Personally I like short dated film. Just keep it in the freezer and it will be fine. Especially for those of us who are still trying to be better at taking pictures...
While we are all happy for the deal you found for yourself it unfortunately has nothing to do with my situation or this thread. Would you so enthusiastically load up on that film if you received it through the mail and close to full price with no prior warning of it being short dated? I am not an idiot. If someone offered me Provia 3 days from expiration for $1.50 I would not start a thread complaining. I would start a thread telling everyone else how to get in on the deal... after I had bought up all the short dated Provia I wanted. There is a huge difference between having full disclosure prior to the sale and no disclosure. There is also a huge difference between paying $7.99 for Provia and $1.50. Plus $7.99 is the B&H price. I'm sure local it is even more regular price. Seriously guys I'm not brain dead.

As far as the "couple of months" comment. I am not sure what that was referring to. For the record I bought some high quality 100 ISO B&W film a couple of months ago and it had an expiration date in mid/late 2015. I buy some film now and it is expiring in November of this year. That ain't "a couple of months." Again folks give me and some of the other posters some credit. Something that was abnormal in my experience occurred and I am just asking about it. This is the first time I used this supplier and it is no problem to stop using them. I just never really thought about the term short dated and I was wondering if more experienced people had a precise definition.

Again thank you to everyone who responded regardless of what your definition of "short dated" is. The thread has been informative.