Yet more 8x10 stuff...I have a Fujinon-W 210mm f/5.6 wide-angle 8x10 lens. This is the early one that actually covers 8x10 with room for minor movements. The image circle is 352mm. This one is mounted on a Technika-style board and comes with both original Fujinon caps. Everything works perfectly - the Seiko shutter was professionally CLA'd at Cameraworks in Barrie, Ontario last year. The glass is perfect. The only thing that isn't perfect about it is the very slight possibility of a bit of barrel paint bubbling (the Fuji equivalent of "Schneideritis") in the front element. I say "possibility" because I can't tell if it is that or the reflection of the lettering, which is on the face of the lens around the element. I have tried to capture it in a photograph. In any case it is nothing, but I try to disclose everything.

Asking $350 plus shipping/pp. These are a fantastic WA lens for 8x10 and sharp as all getout. Well regarded. Shipping will be $15 within Canada, $20 to the US, $60 to UK/Europe, or $65 to NZ/Australia/Asia. Insurance extra at buyer's expense, if desired. Thanks!