I think this is symptomatic of the changes in film use.

when I first started using a 35mm camera, I would gladly try all the local camera stores and try to get shout/outdated film. Sticktly for the cost savings as I was a student on a modest allowance. In fact my most local store had some Ansco Versapan that was a couple of months outdated and the guy said I could have it at 25 cents a roll, if I took it all. I agreed but it took me several weeks to have enough money to pick it all up. The guy was kind enough to keep it under the counter for me. The deal was even better in that the Ansco Cassettes were re-loadable and plain re-loadeble cassettes were at least 25 cents each in those days.

I then fould freestyle in the back pages of Popular Photography. In those days they had a tight ad filled with cheep film, and fine print that said "all Items not marked <fresh> are outdated but fully guaranteed" I took the "Since 1946" to mean that they had started selling war surplus film. Freestyle gradually moved to there current policy on mostly selling private label products.

so as someone who has bought more short dated film than most folks I would expect that 3 months is definitely time to flag an item as short dated.