PE: Are you saying the most recent methods of measuring acutance (traditional) at KRL used x-ray exposure? ie: meaning the often discussed "knife edge" methods were more primitive? Was a knife edge-type procedure per se actually ever used at Kodak or were there more advanced methods even at the time Perrin wrote the particular article attached above in Alan's post (which includes a description of the knife edge approach). I'm wondering if that was just a simplified "analogy" of what was actually being done for illustrative purposes.

Another question: At the time Altman and Henn published their well known study of the effects of sulfite concentration on acutance, speed, and granularity, would their measurements of "acutance" have been based on the Perrin/Jones/Higgins approach or would they have included edge effects somehow.

Stephen, in fact I think it might require more than microdensitometry. Electron microscopy probably. Clearly I won't be providing any experimental evidence of my own . What I want to do is put forth some ideas based on some of the work that has been done (sources Haist, Henry, Altman/Henn, Perrin etc. etc. (your pal Jones might be involved).

Will post more tomorrow on the specifics.