Vivitar telephoto lens for Kowa SE camera.
Here's a nice Vivitar telephoto lens for the Kowa SE. What's that, you say? Jon, I don't have a Kowa SE? Well that's not going to be a problem at all. Do you have an imagination? Any sort of camera which uses lens whose filter ring is 49mm? Well there you go. Attach this Vivitar telephoto appliance to the end of that lens and instantly you crank up the fun. Seriously...turn a 50mm lens into something like an 80mm lens. Turn a 28mm lens into something on the order of a 40mm lens. Put it in front of your digital image maker (as I've done below) and see what sort of results you get out of that. I predict hours upon hours of fun for you!

And of course you can use this as a monocle. There's always that possibility. Or remove the lens elements and see if you can burn down your house by focusing the sun into a little tiny dot on your windowsill or curtain on a bright sunny day. And people say film cameras aren't as much fun as they used to be. Well, can show those guys, can't you? And all this is free for the cost of postage.

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