Good day to you all in BC!
This is a good question BradleyK.

I'm quite flexible, and ready to handle some speciality products.
In regards with the 50 rolls packs, if you do the math, each film in the box costs averages around 10 to 15 cents lower than a single film in a box.
I fully understand that it ends up to 5-plus dollars at the end of the road, and in the past, I do remember that some sessions I did were a multi-rolls jobs.

Unless I have a known amount of the required quantity in a given time-frame, I can hardly keep it as a regular stock.

There are multiple options to run around this kind of request, and more is to come.

I presently push on the web-site modifications, and few specific items you guys seem to be interested in, and I do not discard the option of a special-order capability for this kind of situation.

More to come...

Keep shooting...