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I have to say that this is quite alarming! I can only share that when our daughter needed her passport at age 1 we took a picture of her. It was a charming and natural shot. We live in Florida and it is very hot so she didn't have a shirt on in the photo. Since it was only of her head and shoulders we didn't think anything of it! Needless to say we had to submit a photobooth picture in the end, in which she looks miserable.

It makes me wonder what photos we have of our kids that could be perceived in an unfavorable light!

So sorry to hear your story!


hi priscilla

sorry to hear your troubles
but unfortunately the passport office
has specific rules for passport photographs.
i don't think your image was rejected because it was a topless photograph,
but because the head was too small ...
the head has to be a certain size in the image
no glasses, &c.
i used to take them once in a while at a portrait studio ( portrait mill )
and there was a drawing inside the eyepiece that showed where the head
was supposed to be ..
for a RA / green card it is even more strict, specific profile ears uncovered and prominently
displayed in the small 1x1" image ...

bon voyage !