Ultimately, this is where digital has always been the winner. Privacy. The photo lab, nobody, sees any images we don't wish to share. Nobody ever wanted a middleman, especially not a prying middlemen, but somebody had to do the dirty work of developing and printing.

Makes ya wonder though. With middlemen (of all sorts, from photo labs to schoolteachers to bus drivers) "blowing the whistle" on everything they see or hear (or rather think they saw, or heard) how does any child abuse ever happen? I think too often it happens spontaneously, in anger, and there was no warning. All these prying eyes and well meaning folk never see any signs. When they DO see "signs" they go all gaga and say YES WE GOT ONE and of course it turns out to be nothing of the sort. Just some wasted policeman's time and salary. I'd REALLY REALLY like to know how many times REAL abusers are caught by these practices. If it's 1 out of a hundred, great, but I'm betting one would be hard to find.