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Sorry, I cannot agree with some of the posts above. It is not political correctness, it is the result of horrendous behavior by many individuals.

There are people out there with libraries of pictures of naked children who also engage in horrible physical and sexual abuse of children.

The "zero tolerance" rules are there to take the discretion out of the hands of people like store clerks and lab employees.

The discretion and judgment is quite rightly transferred to people who are knowledgeable about the scourge of child abuse.

The problem with the OP's situation isn't with the lab, it is with the police, who followed up, determined that there was no problem, but confiscated the entirely innocent slide anyways.

The police may have been forced to confiscate the slide, due to the rules they are required to enforce. If so, those rules need reviewing.

There was a case here in Minnesota (US) where a father had taken a cell phone video of his kids running around naked. It was his employer provided phone and, when he brought it in for some technical reason, the video was found and police involved. He was charged and only after a while were charges dropped. He was certainly guilty of very poor judgement, but nothing else. None the less, those who found the video and notified police did the right thing.